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carnival safety

Carnivals are busy, vibrant places and it can be be easy to get overexcited. Carnival’s involve moving vehicles and lots of people. We don’t want anyone to get hurt and we want you to relax and enjoy the parade safely. Please be responsible and we ask that you follow these guidelines.

  • The assembly areas, rest area and dispersal are not for spectators. The participants will not be performing and they can be dangerous places.
  • We ask that you view the Carnival from the pavement (or from behind the barriers).
  • Please do not sit on the edge of the pavement with your feet out into the road.
  • Please avoid crossing in front of an oncoming entry, directly behind or crowding alongside an entry – especially at the end of carnival. The carnival may have passed you but you will be obstructing the view of those still waiting to see the entries.
  • Please do not run into the road or in between entries to pick up coins.
  • Please do not obstruct or interfere with any of the entries or their personnel
  • Please do not throw coins at the entries, only the official collecting floats.
  • Please respect, and do not obstruct the marshals or the judges.
  • Please respect and do not obstruct the emergency services, their crews and requests from the marshals in an emergency.
  • Carnival entries can produce high levels of noise, and sound will be amplified in built up areas. Please make efforts to move if it becomes unbearable. Pay particular attention to young children, where necessary use ear defenders.
  • Please take care upon leaving. There will be lots of people walking in the roads, making their way back to their vehicles and going home.
  • All food traders have presented appropriate insurance certificates and have been requested to display health & Hygiene certificates.


We sincerely hope no children will be lost during the carnival. We have a facility at the Town Hall to look after any child that has lost their parents/carers. If you lose your child, speak to a marshal in the first instance so they can radio for information.