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Virtual Carnival

Welcome to Glastonburys first ever Virtual Carnival. A mad cap idea conceived one night, thinking about how the public could get involved because we were unable to put on the event due to Covid restrictions. We could not see a year go by without carnival. Carnival is full of inventive, imaginative and explorative ideas, so how could we turn this into carnival? By inviting spectators and participants to design, draw and create their own entries. From a paper drawing, computer designed to using recycled materials, there were no limits, open to any age or ability and it was not intended to be a competition. It’s about getting involved to help maintain the carnival spirit and show off creative talents.

We have put together a showcase of the entries, which we hope you enjoy. Following the showcase we have included a compilation of County Winners from the last 17 years. The film will be available to view for 2 weeks from the 21st Nov, after which it is only available on DVD. Some entries we were not able to make into the film, however we have made sure all entries are available to view online. The whole show will be available to purchase. Please visit our shop.

As this year proved to be a success, we have decided to make this an annual event and showcase new designs every year here on the website. It will be a bonus feature to the carnival itself and something else to look forward to.

To all those who took part this year, we are eternally grateful to you for submitting entries to this first ever Virtual Carnival and we hope your entries have inspired others to take part.

Our Plea – Due to not having our magnificent carnival parade, we are not able to make any street collections, so hope that you feel generous and make a donation online by clicking the DONATE button or by purchasing the DVD.

Virtual Carnival Starts on Saturday 21st November at 7pm

The stream has now finished.

Purchase Virtual Carnival 2020 DVD Here